Debbie Cook Quoted on Fleet Street

The prestigious Guardian of U.K., known among progressive Americans for its superior reporting on the Iraq war in past years, quoted former Huntington Beach mayor Debbie Cook in an informative article on California’s bi-polar behavior towards the environment. On the one hand, the paper reports, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets kudos from environmentalists for calling for an end to offshore oil drilling in California and for his the legislature’s passage of the Global Warming Solutions Act in 2006. On the other hand, there’s an intense effort by anti-environmentalists to delay implementation of that new law until unemployment in the state goes back down to at least 5.5 percent. “”California will be the national battleground for the future of climate change regulations in the United States,” Cook told the Guardian, also predicting that “climate activists” from worldwide would come to California to defeat the initiative if it gets on the ballot.  Cook is well known as an advocate of the theory of “peak oil.” The full story is here:

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