Election Final: A quick review of our top election stories

Election Final From the Surf City Voice:

This is the final Surf City Voice election update, a simple recap of all the 2010 election articles that you might have missed or would like to have easy access to in your own final review of candidates and issues prior to making your vote on Tuesday.

The list goes more or less in reverse chronological order:

City Advisor: No longer passionate about Carchio after being ignored 3 years
Councilmember Joe Carchio ignored his appointee to the Investment Advisory Board for three years, despite her many attempts to contact him with important

Jersey Joe’s Tax Woes: http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/10/jersey-joes-tax-woes-the-federal-govt-is-wrong-councilman-says/ Joe Carchio sounded bitter but said he doesn’t care if he gets reelected to the Huntington Beach City Council or not. “If people don’t want me to be a councilman, then fine; I don’t care, I don’t care, I really don’t care,” he recently told the Voice. Is Carchio, who has a long history of avoiding paying his taxes, guilty of “fraudulent conveyance”?

Wise Guy Carchio Threatens Journalist Over Investigation of Misuse of Public Funds: http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/09/not-so-wise-guy-jersey-joe-takes-city-threatens-9-11-war-when-caught/  In a fit of intense anger, expressed with squinted eyes, a tightly stretched face and deliberately pronounced words, Jersey Joe, everybody’s friend, threatened me with dire warnings of “war” and “9-11.”

Carchio Tried to Keep the Money He Took from the City in “Honest Mistake”: http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/09/carchios-payback-to-city-came-6-months-after-learning-of-honest-mistake/ Contrary to what Councilmember Joe Carchio wanted readers of the Register and Independent to believe, he did not pay back the money he tried to take from the taxpayers until after hee knew that the Voice caught sent of his scam.

http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/10/joe-carchio-in-his-own-words-lying-about-divorce-misuse-of-public-funds-and-tax-liens/ Audio of Voice interview with Joe Carchio.

Will Joe Carchio be the next mayor of Huntington Beach? http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/08/the-days-of-our-lives-will-joe-carchio-become-surf-citys-next-mayor-will-don-hansen-become-a-journalist/

Fred Speaker, planning commissioner and city council candidate:

http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/09/fred-speaker-crotchety-council-candidate-zips-lips-over-budget-slips/ Speaker—in his own words—is a “fiscally responsible” and “pay as you go” candidate who as an experienced small businessman knows “how to balance a budget” and who promises that he “won’t treat taxpayer dollars any less carefully.” But a Voice investigation of his past business practices also reveals a history of financial mismanagement, including a huge bankruptcy filed on the same day that the Bank of America won a lease fraud lawsuit against him as sole proprietor of Economy Auto Leasing.

City Attorney race:

http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/08/who-will-control-surf-city-the-election-of-city-attorney-is-t-gabe-houston-eligible/ Is City Attorney challenger T. Gabe Houston an eligible candidate?

http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/08/who-will-control-surf-city-the-republican-wrath-against-jennifer-mcgrath-part-1/ The war of words against City Attorney Jennifer McGrath by OC’s Republican Guard.

http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/08/secret-e-mail-revealed-keith-bohr-bashes-the-city-attorney-she-responds/ Secret e-mail reveals Councilmember Keith Bohr’s irrational loathing of City Attorney Jennifer McGrath.

Candidates’ Questions:

Infrastructure: http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/07/huntington-beach-election-city-council-candidates-question-2-infrastructure/

Bolsa Chica and the Ridge: http://www.surfcityvoice.com/2010/07/question-1-city-council-candidates-speak-out-on-the-ridge/

Poseidon Resources, Inc. (desalination plant proposal for Huntington Beach):



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