Mayor Carchio Appoints Self to County Boards: Salary could increase by over $15,000

By John Earl
Surf City Voice

Joe Carchio’s first act as the new mayor of Surf City will be to appoint himself as the city’s representative on the governing boards of four county agencies, giving him a combined salary increase of $15,040, according to a proposal he has submitted to other members of the city council. The increased responsibility and accompanying boost in pay would be a significant although temporary career advancement for Carchio, whose term as the new mayor lasts for one year.

The draft document was leaked to the Surf City Voice by a source at City Hall.

Combined with his mayor’s annual salary of $22,615, Carchio’s potential earnings would reach $37,665 a year, not including regular city provided benefits which last year ranged from $5,380 to $13,984 per city council member, according to Executive Management Salary Benefits Final August 2010 (2).

The mayor appoints representatives to paid positions on the boards of five Orange County government agencies, including: Sanitation District, Vector Control District, Public Cable Television Authority (PCTA), Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and the West O.C. Water Board (WOCWB) as well as to other non-paid county positions.

Carchio proposes to appoint Councilmember Don Hansen’s protégé, Matt Harper (elected to the council for the first time in November), to SCAG which pays $120 per meeting with a maximum of four meetings per month.

Traditionally the mayor has appointed his/herself to the Sanitation District board. That position pays $170 per meeting with up to six meetings or $1,020 per month. Last year, Mayor Cathy Green appointed herself to the Sanitation District but put other council members on the remaining county agencies that pay their members.

For the past two years Carchio served on the Vector Control District, which pays $100 per meeting with one meeting per month. He will reappoint himself to that board, according to his draft.

Carchio also has served on the PCTA and will presumeably continue in that position for another term along with Councilmember Keith Bohr. Each will be paid $100 per meeting once a month.

Carchio also appoints himself to the WOCWB along with Councilmember Connie Boardman, the draft shows, but Boardman told the Voice that she has notified the mayor that due to her teaching job she will not be able to serve on that board. The position pays $100 per meeting with four meetings per year.

Each of the county agency appointments carries heavy responsibilities.

The Sanitation District sets “policies for the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage and waste water for their member agencies,” according to a public document that describes the various county agencies.

The purpose of Vector Control is to protect the public’s health by controlling rats, flies, mosquitoes and related problems.

The PCTA monitors cable service in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Stanton, and Westminster and ensures that cable service providers are following applicable laws and meeting service requirements.

SCAG falls under the Association of Governments, which “is mandated by the federal government to research and draw up plans for transportation, growth management, hazardous waste management, and air quality.”

The WOCWB is a joint powers agency that provides “dependable water supply” to its member cities through two large capacity water pipelines that deliver water from the Municipal Water District of Orange County.

Mayor Carchio’s appointments are subject to city council review, but appointments made by past mayors have been approved by the council without challenge. One city council member told the Voice that Carchio’s appointments will probably be accepted by the current council.

The document also lists proposed appointments for many other nonpaying but important regional and city committees, commissions, citizen boards and task forces.

Some of those positions, such as the Huntington Beach Planning Commission, Finance Board, Investment Advisory Board and the Public Works Commission are filled by individual city council members

Carchio is reportedly still finalizing some of the proposed appointments but is expected to have completed the task by the end of the day Thursday (Dec. 16), according to Laurie Payne, the city’s press liaison. Payne would not comment on the content of the leaked document.

Photo, from left to right: Joe Carchio, Don Hansen, Matt Harper, Joe Shaw. Photo credit: Arturo Tolenttino for SCV.

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2 thoughts on “Mayor Carchio Appoints Self to County Boards: Salary could increase by over $15,000”

  1. What more did you expect. When you are the Mayor of the Special Interest you must protect those Special Interests against the taxpayers and voters. Remember the Mayor of the Special Interests was endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County , the Republican Party of HB and dh Don Hansen.

    This is how he HB Political Machine Club operates. And these are the same people that said that the political shenanigans of Bell could not happen here as we are outstanding and law abiding and above approach. Do I hear a Bell clanging. Do not expect the City Attorney or the HB Police Dpt to do anything as they endorsed the Mayor of Special Interests.

    Now for the question of the Month; The car that the Mayor of Special Interests drives who is it registered to and who actually owns it or is it free.

    And you campaign on Fiscal Responsibility.

    Milt Dardis
    Ethics: We have no Stinking Ethics

  2. No surprises here. The media? Suffice to say that a “journalist” responded to an inquiry as to background of a candidate with a referral to a candidate’s web site? Most of us long time residents have had it with the Garafola and Hutchen cabals and the earlier contestants for corrupt chieftans, much less the “cops” that never seem to recover stolen property. Every so often “police agencies” hold auctions to “dispose” of “stolen property” and the money goes into their till! Once upon a time “the media” ….. oh, well!

    So Carchio’s attention to his financial self-interest is consistent with the “errors and ommissions” as to eligibiity of those he placed on city bucks as ineligible beneficiaries of insurance coverage.

    And having been on the Vector Control Board, which ceased to function? Used to be they maintained a data base of rodent infestation by geographic regions of the city as it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE given to perhaps those unwittingly hospitable to those nesting grounds then expanding to other properties. But they do travel about in late model vans with the “flashing light bars” just in case; of what?

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