Surf City: 2 inches of rain last night, 7 inches in past week; street closures noted

The following weather update was released by the City of Huntington Beach at 11 a.m. this morning.

Last night the City had the heaviest rain this year with nearly 2 inches of rain as recorded by our pump stations.  This adds to a total of 7.03 inches for the last seven days.  The forecast is heavy rain today but clearing up the remainder of the week.  Public Works crews have been dispatched the last two nights addressing localized flooding, tree down calls, potholes, and building roof leaks.  The flood pump stations have worked well with no loss of equipment with several running at high levels during the heaviest rains.  Currently 10 park trees and 13 parkway trees have fallen down and 60 tons of debris has been removed from the streets and parks.  There have been three reports of private property damage due to downed trees.  In several parks trees will be delineated off until the saturated soil can dry enough that equipment can access the trees without damaging the turf areas. 

Current Closures:

  • The south bound lane of Magnolia, south of Hamilton, was closed at 8:00 AM this morning due to flooding of the street.  North bound lanes remain open.
  • The parking lot for Central Park off Slater Avenue has been closed due to flooding. 

Public Works crews will continue to monitor the coming rain, maintain storm drains, fill potholes, and remove debris from the streets today and tomorrow.  During the closure next week Public Works Crews will be on-call if there are any additional needs. 

One last note: Sandbags are available to Huntington Beach citizens at the Corporate Yard located at 17371 Gothard Street.  The yard will be open during business hours 7:30 am to 5 pm, December 22 and 23.

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