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Joe Carchio In His Own Words: Lying about divorce, misuse of public funds, and tax liens

HB City Councilmember Jersey Joe speaks about his misuse of public funds, lying to the public about his marriage, the strange sale of his (?) restaurant and the multitude of tax liens levied against him over the years–in a spontaneous interview recorded Sept. 26. 2010. To provide a better reading view of documents that appear in this video report, either press pause and/or click the option to maximize the viewing screen. You can also view the report on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D4VnG5D1wg

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T-Mob Towers Over T-Mobile: Did City Council follow the law?

By John Earl
Surf City Voice

An unruly full-house crowd got its way—for now—during the Aug. 31 City Council meeting when six out of seven councilmembers put legal risks aside and revoked permits previously given for two T-Mobile cell phone towers in separate parts of the city.

The victory came after many passionate speeches by the agitated activists—demanding that the City save their children from the [yet to be proven] harmful effects of the proposed radio towers’ emissions—and after some equally passionate election-time pontificating by their elected representatives.

But T-Mobile, which like other cell phone corporations is undergoing similar plebeian revolts in other American communities, has already won one related court battle against the City and any further challenge to its right—under the Telecommunications Act of 1996—to build cell phone towers will be a battle against odds that favor the industry that helped to write the federal law. Continue reading T-Mob Towers Over T-Mobile: Did City Council follow the law?