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Update: Bomb investigation is over

Approximately 30 minutes ago HB police and fire investigators unblocked the intersection at 14th and Crest streets, drawing an investigation of a “suspicious” object that could theoretically have been a bomb. The Voice awaits more details of the investigation from the HBPD.

Update at 3:16 p.m:

Lt. Russell Reinhardt of the HBPD issued the following statement to the Voice:

“The device was a grenade brought to Dwyer school by a student. The bottom had been re-sealed making it appear to be active. The OCSD Bomb Squad removed the device from the school.”

And Jeri Moreau, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of the Huntington Beach City School District, issued the following statement to the Voice:

“Want to inform you that the issue at Dwyer School has been resolved.  The Police investigation revealed that there was no danger to any students. Students have resumed their normal day at school and parents have been provided information throughout. Also please know that Smith School was never involved nor included in the investigation.  Please don’t hesitate to call the Superintendent, Kathy Kessler at (714) 378-2011 for any additional information.”

Bomb Investigation Ongoing at Dwyer/Smith Schools

The Surf City Voice has learned that police and fire officials have blocked off the intersection of 14th and Crest streets to investigate a possible bomb, although they say that they don’t believe at this time that students or others are in any danger or that evacuation will be necessary–from observation by the Voice, the investigation seems little more than a formality but precautions are being taken. “Something suspicious” was noted at one of the schools and is being

Photos: Surf City Voice

investigated, one official said.  Officials would not say which school the investigation eminated from or for how long the streets would be blocked off, but they are asking that residents outside of the blocked area stay away and that people who live inside of the area stay in their homes so as not to attract other spectators. Smith school is an elementary school, Dwyer is a middle school and as been the site of a recent controversy and protests over solar panels that are being installed on the front lawn of the school. In the unlikely even that there is an evacuation, a route has been selected, a police official said.