Documents Related to the Proposed Poseidon Huntington Beach Ocean Desalination Plant

Note: The Surf City Voice website was destroyed by hackers last December and is under reconstruction. This post was first published June 8, 2018.

The Surf City Voice received thousands of documents from the Orange County Water District’s response to recent Public Record Act requests.

The documents related to the District’s obsession with partnering with Poseidon Resources Inc. to build and operate a $1 billion ocean desalination plant in Huntington Beach.

The purpose of uploading some of those documents for public viewing is to allow interested ratepayers and water management officials to better understand the project and the relationship of the Orange County Water District Board of Directors and its staff to the Poseidon corporation.

OCWD Director and former paid Poseidon consultant Steve Sheldon (left) hob knobs with Poseidon VP Scott Maloni (front right). Photo: Surf City Voice

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I have tried to organize the documents by categories in a coherent fashion, but there may some redundancy and overlapping. I have also tried to redact personal phone numbers and may have removed some formatting for clarity. Finally, I also tried to put the documents in chronological order but may or may not have succeeded in many instances.

Proposed Poseidon Ocean Desalination Plant for Huntington Beach, CA. Confidential Model/Distribution cost/Term sheet markup. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Budget (rate increases) 

Orange County Water District Director Cathy Green 

OCWD Director Cathy Green speaking for Poseidon project at State Lands Commission in October, 2017. Photo from California State Lands Commission livestream archives.

Clem Dominguez, OCWD Director Cathy Green’s election opponent in 2016. Photo: Surf City Voice

Environmental Impacts/Carbon  Credits Re: Proposed Poseidon Ocean Desalination Project 

Desalination Funding Ad hoc Committe

Members of the Desal Funding Ad hoc Committee: Cathy Green, Shawn Dewane, Stephen Sheldon, Vincente Sarmiento and de facto member Scott Maloni, Poseidon VP. Photos: Surf City Voice


Editor in Chief?: Poseidon VP Scott Maloni often reviewed and sometimes edited official OCWD documents, including letters to state agencies and the District’s Urban Water Management Plan, a privilege not ever given to project critics (see also Cathy Green above) 

Poseidon VP Scott Maloni. Photo: Surf City Voice
Poseidon VP Scott Maloni, front right. Photo: Surf City Voice


Emails between Poseidon VP Scott Maloni and OCWD staff and board members  

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