Exclusive: Update for COVID-19 Deaths in Orange County by City Including Skilled Nursing Facilities

By John Earl
Surf City Voice

Once again, the SCV is reporting exclusively on the number of COVID-19 deaths by city in Orange County and the number of deaths from skilled nursing facilities (SNF-includes long-term care facilities) by city.

Dr. Clayton Chau, Orange County Health Officer (screen shot)

At a press conference held June 11 by the Board of Supervisors, the County’s interim Health Officer, Dr. Clayton Chau, promised that these previously undisclosed statistics would be out soon on a new version of the county’s COVID-19 reporting website. That has not happened yet, however. Orange County Health Care Agency officials told the SCV that the information is expected to be published “in the near future” and will be provided on the County’s social media sites.

The most recent death-by-city count for June 22 for all death categories, followed by SNF deaths by city, is shown in the left column of the table below.

The same city death statistics published previously by the SCV for June 12 and June 4 are listed in columns from left to right, followed with case counts by city as reported daily by the County.

Most notable in the newly disclosed statistics are the huge increases in deaths for the cities of Anaheim and Santa, (followed by substantial increases in Huntington Beach cases and deaths), part of the proportionately much larger COVID-19 case numbers shown by those cities since the first week of June.

All of which is part of a spike in COVID-19 infection numbers overall in the county, where cases are doubling every 23.9 days, the LA Times reported. That fact ranks it fourth in the state for cases (and deaths) per 100k at a rate of 92/100k, far from meeting the state’s required metric of a maximum of 25 cases per 100k in the past two weeks that would allow for further reopening.

Deaths by city (6/22/2020)
*Less than 5 deaths
Deaths by city (6/12/2020)Deaths by city (6/4/2020)PopulationsCase Counts by Cities (6/22/2020) Source: OCHA

Newport Beach (*)

Newport Beach (*)

Newport Beach (2)


Aliso Viejo: (*)Aliso Viejo: (*)Aliso Viejo: (1)51,37247
Anaheim: (67)Anaheim: (48)Anaheim: (33)259,3392,037
Brea (*)Brea (*)Brea: (1)45,60674
Buena Park: (*)Buena Park: (*)Buena Park: (3)83,384327
Costa Mesa: (*)Costa Mesa: (*)Costa Mesa: (3)115,830227
Cypress: (*)Cypress: (*)Cypress: (3)49,83399
Fountain Valley: (*)Fountain Valley: (*)Fountain Valley: (5)56,65291
Fullerton: (10)Fullerton: (9)Fullerton: (8)142,824409
Garden Grove: (8)Garden Grove: (9)Garden Grove: (9)175,155608
Huntington Beach: (34)Huntington Beach: (30)Huntington Beach: (21)203,761489
Irvine: (5)Irvine: (*)Irvine: (4)280,202280
La Habra: (6)La Harbra: (5)La Habra: (3)63,542209
Laguna Hills: (*)Laguna Hills: (*)Laguna Hills: (2)31,57254
Laguna Woods: (*)

Lake Forest: (*)

Los Alamitos: (13)Los Alamitos: (11)Los Alamitos: (9)11,72188
Mission Viejo: (*)Mission Viejo: (*)Mission Viejo: (1)96,434118
Orange: (10)Orange: (6)Orange: (2)141,691465
San Clemente: (*)San Clemente: (*)San Clemente: (2)65,40581
S.J. Capistrano: (*)San Juan Capistrano: (*)San Juan Capistrano: (1)36,82174
Santa Ana: (67)Santa Ana: (53)Santa Ana: (38)337,7162,227
Seal Beach (*)Seal Beach (*)
Stanton: (*)Stanton: (*)Stanton: (4)39,307140
Tustin: (5)Tustin: (5)Tustin: (4)81,369197
Westminster: (6)Westminster: (*)Westminster: (2)92,610223
Yorba Linda: (*)Yorba Linda: (*)Yorba Linda: (1)68,706123

Unknown: (3)

SNF resident deaths by city (06/22/2020
Less than 5 deaths*
SNF resident deaths by city (06/12/2020)SNF resident deaths by city (residents and staff) (06/08/2020)

Anaheim: (44)Anaheim: (25)Anaheim: (25)

Fountain Valley: (*)

Fullerton: (*)Fullerton: (*)Fullerton: (*)

Garden Grove: (*)Garden Grove: (*)

Huntington Beach: (29)Huntington Beach: (24)Huntington Beach: (20)

Laguna Hills: (*)Laguna Hills: (*)Laguna Hills: (*)

Los Alamitos: (11)
Los Alamitors: (9)

Orange: (7)Orange: (*)Orange: (5)

Santa Ana: 33Santa Ana: 25Santa Ana: 24

There is only one SNF staff death at present.There is only one SNF staff death at present.


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