Surf City Commissioner Pushes Jewish-Marxist Conspiracy Theory

Note: The Surf City Voice website was destroyed by hackers in December, 2019 and is under reconstruction. This story was first published on December 7, 2016.

By John Earl

In his “darker days,” Michael Hoskinson thought seriously about building a 10 by 10 shack in Montana to write his manifesto. “Like the Unabomber did,” he told a Tea-Party Internet show.

HB Planning Commissioner Michael Hoskinson “likes” anti-Semitic conspiracy video uploaded by a white supremacist. City Councilmember Erik Peterson, who appointed Hoskinson to the PC, called the photo “disconcerting.”

“I was headed into the darkness,” he recalled.

But he met the woman of his life and married her. “And she showed me that there is more to life than the downside. And everything ramped up from there.”

Today Hoskinson is a Tea-Party organizer, sells real estate, and sits on the Huntington Beach Planning Commission.

The latter was his reward for helping to elect Tea-Party favorite, Erik Peterson, to the city council in a 2014 sweep that knocked off two favored incumbents.

Michael Hoskinson
HB Planning Commissioner: Multiculturalism is “poison.”

“We’re on track to hopefully take our city over,” he bragged, while giving a lecture to a local Tea Party gathering on Nov. 19.

In 2017, he will be chairman of the planning commission and poised to run for city council in 2018, if he wants to.

In the meantime, his greatest passion is exposing “political correctness” in the conspiracy-charting style of Glenn Beck.

Evil Jewish-Marxist conspiracy to destroy America leads from Karl Marx and the ACLU to feminism, etc., all the way to the Democratic Party, says Michael Hoskinson (bottom half)

During his lecture, “Political Correctness: The Death of America,” Hoskinson warned of a highly successful but diabolical Jewish-Marxist plot to insidiously destroy Western culture from within.

It all began, he said, in the 1920s when a small group of Jewish-Marxist intellectuals, informally known as the Frankfurt School, met in Frankfurt, Germany and developed “cultural Marxism” as their tool of destruction.

Cultural Marxism, in turn, became today’s political correctness.

Top half of Jewish-Marxist conspiracy map used by Michael Hoskinson in lecture to a local Tea Party group.

“It was invented with an express purpose: to take away our freedoms,” done by silencing critics of the left with embarrassing accusations of racism and intolerance, “because they have no other argument.”

The Frankfurt group would quietly infiltrate Western society to destroy its faith, culture, and economic system using “social and cultural warfare simultaneously,” he explained.

Michael Hoskinson defending white supremacist (neo-Nazi), Richard Spencer.

Via the teachings of Freud, they would encourage pansexuality to “destroy the mentality of human beings.” They would introduce feminism,and worst of all, multiculturalism, which Hoskinson calls a “poison” on his Facebook page.

“They wanted to create chaos,” he said.

Then came Hitler. “So they knew they were going to be on the chopping block. So they fled to America.”

They started teaching at Columbia University. Soon, their influence spread across America “like an invasive disease in our college systems, selling their cultural Marxism” as they indoctrinated students with an 11 point plan that Hoskinson imaginatively interprets below:

1) Creation of racism offenses. “Anybody notice that? Black Lives Matter?”
2) Continual change to create confusion (so conservatives can’t keep apace)
3) Teaching sex and homosexuality to children
4) Undermining of school and teachers’ authority
5) Huge immigration to destroy identity
6) Promotion of excessive drinking
7) Emptying our (Christian) Churches
8) An unreliable justice system with bias against victims
9) Dependency on state or state benefits
10) Control and dumbing down of media
11) Encouraging the breakdown of the family

They have been running through American culture like Zelig, he said, and “They hate the West. They hate our freedom. They hate capitalism.”

Everything that’s bad at American colleges today (including the youth vote for Hillary Clinton), Hoskinson says, resulted from the escape of the Frankfurt school’s evil Jewish-Marxists to America.

Anti-Semitic photo
Anti-Semitic imagery used in source video that Hoskinson uses and promotes on Twitter.

“If I could go back in time, these are the ones I’d like to take out,” he said, in all seriousness. “The world would be a much better place. They look like nice folks. They are as evil as evil could be.”

Today, he laments, the cultural Marxists own the White House (Obama went to Columbia University), Hollywood, the media, and the Internet. “They own every microphone there is. Once we are silent, there is nothing we can do after that.”

People may be killed to prevent that.

In his lecture, Hoskinson, who says he is a “concealed carrier”, acts deadly serious. He would kill (Jewish) billionaire George Soros (who he wrongly accuses of being a Nazi collaborator as a child and then blames for the collapse of the English banks) and maybe lots of others too:

“I don’t know why this man is still allowed to walk the Earth. I’d shoot him myself if I had the chance. He’s a horrible human being. He’s an enemy of this country. I think we need to revive that, to a certain extent, of looking at people and saying, ‘You are actively subverting this country.’ And I think the media to a certain extent is seditious because they were part of an active conspiracy to collude to take the country over, in my eyes. And I would do some changing with them if I had half a chance. I don’t—you don’t get to hide behind the First Amendment if you’re trying to overcome the country. I mean, and that’s not how the rules work.”

Hoskinson ignorantly misrepresents the Frankfurt School and its development of Marxist-based critical theory to challenge Capitalism’s influence on American culture. He also wildly generalizes its affect on American culture while ignoring many other influences. (See my links below)

His expose seems to fit Salvador Dalí’s description of the “paranoiac critical method,” derived from a “delirium of interpretation.”

Anti-Semitic source material used for lectures and promoted by HB Planning Commissioner Michael’s Hoskinson.

Still, variations of “political correctness” exist in all parts of the political spectrum. And there is no better example of how insidiously dangerous it can be than Hoskinson himself, with his threats of personal and state-issued violence against opponents, and the racist monoculturalism preached by the Tea-Party school upon which his political future, if there is one, rests.

The undercurrent to Hoskinson’s PC monomania is a virulent anti-Semitism that is thinly disguised in his lectures.

This is how Michael Hoskinson wants to be seen by liberals (from the Walking Dead TV series).

Scratch the surface of the YouTube video,“Frankfurt School: Western Subversion by Design,” which Hoskinson partly bases his lectures on and promotes on his Twitter page,for example, and you have a mini-version of the “Protocols of The Elders of Zion” (the nefarious Jewish conspiracy forgery used by Hitler for propaganda), complete with lurid imagery of Stars of David used to identify Jews or Jewish influence, at least one viciously illustrated Jewish caricature that looks right out of the Nazi tabloid, Der Stürmer, and ominous background music throughout.

When asked through Twitter and Facebook to respond for this article, Hoskinson was flippant and predictable. “Lurid? ‘Characterized by shocking or outrageous behavior’… that sounds like me (smiley face).”

Messaging later by Facebook, he wrote: “Good morning John, can you share why folks like you work so hard to silence folks like me?”

Slide from Michael Hoskinson presentation on the Frankfurt School (Jewish-Marxist conspiracy theory)

As for threatening George Soros and others, “You’re misreading it,” he said. “Think metaphor.” Then he linked to a fake(ish) news article about Obama on a website that received an Accuracy in Media Award from the neo-Fascist news website Breitbart.

One might ask, is Michael Hoskinson fit to hold public office?

Erik Peterson, the city council member who appointed him to the planning commission, is looking into the matter now in response to a well-documented citizen complaint.

So far, Peterson said he found one photo from Hoskinson’s Twitter page to be “disconcerting,” but said repeatedly that he finds it hard to understand because Hoskinson is “not a racist at all” nor anti-Semitic, and “I know he has a lot of Jewish friends.”

Peterson fully supports free speech rights, but emphasized that “I don’t appreciate Nazi crap.”

Will Hoskinson be fired? “If he’s promoting Nazism, yeah,” Peterson answered.

Links to a better understanding of the Frankfurt School and political correctness

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